Bird watchers flock to hills of Bandera in search of our natural beauty, the Golden-cheek Warbler. We actually have a great variety of native species that can be seen nearly everywhere on the ranch. We offer self guided trails for the best vistas for bird viewing.

Follow your passion to Bandera Bike and see how many amazing birds you can see!

Types Of Birds To See

We have dozens of bird species to view, here are a list of just a few.

Bewick’s Wrens are medium-sized wrens with a slender body and a strikingly long tail often held upright. They have slender, long bills that are slightly curved downward.

Summer Tanager is another North American breeding species with eastern and western populations, often separated by the Great Plains. Because of its location and size, Texas often has breeding populations of both groups or subspecies.

A small black-and-white woodpecker of the southwestern United States and Mexico that forages and nests in cactus. The ladder-backed woodpecker is fairly common in dry brushy areas and thickets and has a rather large range

A spectacular and distinctive flycatcher, the bright red Vermilion Flycatcher inhabits riparian areas and scrub in the southwestern United States and southward. It perches conspicuously, making periodic flights to nab insect prey.

The black-capped vireo is a small bird native to the United States and Mexico. It has been listed as an endangered species in the United States since 1987. The IUCN lists the species as vulnerable.